Retro Sky Team

At year 2009 small enthusiasts group in aeroclub Košice decided try to paint aircraft type Zlín 226 in military camouflage colors. The aircraft was painted in a semi-permanent color, and in the audience had a great response.

So, with substantial assistance master spray gun Vlado Baňas converted military aircraft of type Zlín 226 to resemble the German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109th. Those 3 german aircraft squandrons fotm basis RetroSkyTeam.


Opponent the German Luftwaffe Zlín 526 which mimics the colors in Russian MIG 3. Another aircraft on the Russian side is the YAK 52.


These 5 aircrafts are essential to the air show. Performs aerial battles between several aircraft, common air raids in the group with the help of pyrotechnic team also aims bombing.

RetroSkyTeam acts on air days, social events and reconstruction of military hostilities in Slovakia and Czech Republic. All pilots RetroSkyTeam are members Aeroclub Košice, perform mastery of poloting these aircrafts individually, but in groups too.

As news RetroSkyTeam amplify our squadron with Antonov AN-2 and after spraying in military camouflage will attached to squadron.


  • 28.4.2019 Olomouc
  • 1.4.2019 ukážka Vranov
  • 4.-5.5.2019 Rušňoparáda
  • 2.6.2019 Piknik Turbia
  • 8.-9.6.2019 Szolnok
  • 16.6.2019 Piknik Lotniczy Katowice
  • 22.-23.6.2019 Piknik Lotniczy Krakow
  • 29.6.2019 Tankové dni Laugarício
  • 13.-14.7.2019 Hajduszoboszló
  • 27.-28.7.2019 Balaton
  • 3.-4.8.2019 SIAF 2019
  • 17.8.2019 Vojenský den na Pánově
  • 16.-17.8 2019 Sahara 2019
  • 17.-18.8.2019 Miskolc
  • 25.8.2019 Jasenie 2019
  • 31.8.2019 Piknik lotniczy Rzesow
  • 31.8-1.9.2019 Airshow Budaors
  • 7.-8.9.2019 Košický letecký deň
  • 7.9.2019 Deň ozbr. Zložiek a zachr.systemov Piešťany
  • 14.9.2019 rekonštrukcia Kalinov
  • 21.9.2019 rekonštrukcia Rimavská Baňa


If our fans have nice photos, that have made on our shows, send them to we also publish these photos.


Ing. Michal Vejčík
tel.: +421 903 227 402

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